Switching the light off at bedtime

Time to escape.

Detach from life. 

Float in a void of no dimensions.
My body undetectable
spreading across the universe.

I’m just consciousness
far from the world of strife.

No blood soaked streets,
murder or war.

No corrupting politicians.

No stabs in my back.

No pain of spiteful speech

with words sharp as canine teeth.

Starlight returns, struggling
through thick curtains.

Photons land on my retina.
Familiar shapes appear.
The wardrobe transforms.
A black silhouette in deep shadow.

Life returns with the light.
I wonder if I’m dead, escaping
to total black for forty-seconds every night.

What if one day the light doesn’t return.


© Guaj 2023
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Thoughts that many people have, told so well Guaj. What if one day you are the light?


To avoid the manifestations of the physical, or have you found a personal Nirvana? 🙂

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