Smart world

When the major powers of the world will become buddies, when all the neighboring countries will become best of friends, when the divided worlds will celebrate their togetherness by unconditionally helping to heal each other’s wounds, when soldiers of the world will fight only against the natural calamities, when my world would have finally acquired the know-how to survive without weapons and spies, when the news channels will not have any negative news to sell, then we would have built a real smart world. 

The stars are waiting in the sky, flowers in the garden, and several hearts waiting to sing, ‘we [have] overcome’.

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Indeed, looking forward to the moment we, all, can join hands and walk forward as friends.

Maybe some genetic re-engineering needed given the current dire straits everywhere?


Phagocytosis cuts both ways, our own cells have wars against each other, and if the House has been violated or sabotaged then the ‘armies’ protecting attack the House owner too or overdo it killing anything nasty they see (white blood cells). Why would there be calamities, in a perfect world there aren’t and a perfect world doesn’t need to be smart, it just Is. In my opinion: We are all in permanent lifelong postnatal shock (our birth) the body created in a womb is full of lovely smart memories and procedures (cells cooperate and have perfect tasks), but the birth IS a… Read more »


I was joking when i said genetic re-engineering.

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