Survival is a cruel word.


Snow, black as coal

lies on a frozen land

under a moonless sky.

A darker shadow

moves between the trees

leaving invisible footprints.

A squeal of death

muffled by falling snow

heard only by ears deaf to pity.

In the waking day

coal black snow turns white.

blood and footprints lost

under a billion snowflakes.


© Guaj 2023
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Very evocative, Guaj. I admired ‘heard only by ears deaf to pity’. Nice one.


pity is bad for digestion (or any type of assimilation), guilt too. ignorance is innocence thus bliss. memory has a lot of pity and self-pity and guilt, no wonder it has to be erased to walk again in the snow. comparisons are also avoided and if you do not live long enough, you won’t have unforgettable or inimitable good moments to compare with what you currently experience. Legend has it that during Diagoras’ triumphant ovation on the shoulders of his sons, a spectator shouted: “Die, Diagoras; you will not ascend to Olympus besides“, the meaning being that he has reached the highest… Read more »

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perhaps you should be having a beer too! lol


Lovely! You captured it perfectly. The barrenness, the silence and the death…
I really liked this (and not just because it was a wolf! ) 😉

Alison x

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