It’s All in the Eye

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I look at her and sigh

For the firmness of her lips,

Her subtly curving thigh.

Yet if her eyes but glance

I’m struck giddy and possessed;

Caught by violent hands

And spun by the sudden chance.

I know what I see

But what image comes to her?

I guess, I cringe, I flee.

Fleeing I curse and praise

The folly of this distress:

Confidence it disarrays;

Insignificance it slays.

© ImSJ 2023
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It is indeed all in the eye. The first tentative steps to anything. I have to confess I read this at first as non rhyming, then I saw that there is a rhyme but it comes and goes so much it kept throwing me off. I feel it would be better to be one thing or the other. In that way the poem flows better for the reader. It left me feeling discombobulated. (for that I am grateful as I always wanted to use that word) lol I hope you don’t mind my crit. I feel the poem is good… Read more »

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