Coral Days Are Here Again

Rediscovered in my ‘time capsule’ of olden day stuff. Rewritten, it seems to me to be more apt today than it did when I was younger (and in similar rage!)








Coral days are here again.
The blood-red gouge
is softened,
the cacophony of traffic
is dampened,
and the dirt is swept
out of sight.

What was bad, what was feared,
is wallpapered
right over.
The bizarre, the downright weird,
given soft light.
The impending
is re-timed.

Coral coloured spectacles
tinted the pink
of roses
spread thinly over the masses
via TV.
While what passes
stays unseen.

Stay put. Stay right where you are.
Yours is to earn the Dollar;
give all your blood –
for the wars,
and the Bankers.
Down-trod classes
paying fees.

Bow down, genuflect the knees.
Exchange your pleasure for guilt.
Tremble before
your elected –
you know your place!

But look upward
there are stars!

Coral days are here again.


© griffonner 2020
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This took me a few minutes to realise what you meant, but when I got it, I felt that old familiar feeling — we are living in a kind of congenial 1984

Unlike my father and his father I was spared the experience of war (Harold Wilson my Hero and saviour)

However, I did have to live my teen years under constant concern about the threat of being vapourised.

(Makes the Covid threat seem a bit tame.)

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Yes we are a product of thing we endured, but I’m not sure the past is unchangeable. Certainly the likes of Franco and Stalin didn’t think so. 🙂 During the Cuba missile crisis I was too young and naive to take advantage, but the girls were saying things like ‘I don’t want to die a virgin’. Certainly it seems to me the hippie movement took off due to the potential of early death. I thank Harold Wilson, not because of his politics, but because he turned down the invitation to join the party in Vietnam. Pity Mr. Blair didn’t have… Read more »


Yes, as I wrote on another site, it is poignant, and so sadly apparent now, this unprecedented division of whole populations distinguished by survival chances, with levels of vulnerabilty depending not only on traditional deprivation and living styles, but simply on whether one can keep functioning both economically and physically when lockdowns are applied. Who would have foreseen this strange division would affect so many, with the Nations vulnerability being so widespread? The general mental effect on an interdependent population living in a long vacuum has yet to be assessed too, I fear? An excellent premonitory write of yours, here,… Read more »

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how is this not nibbed yet? I absolutely adored especially this:

What was bad, what was feared,
is wallpapered
right over.
The bizarre, the downright weird,
given soft light.
The impending
is re-timed.


lots of deep sentiment here and very good word-choice, it’s not that you wrote what you felt but rather felt what you wrote, the impact on a reader therefore is amplified.

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