Alien Poetry

I have written this and would appreciate any feedback and thoughts


Quel est le sens de la vie?

J’aime tout le monde parce que je suis Dieu.

Je connais la clé je connais le secret. 

Nous sommes un et l’amour est la loi.

The endless river of Life, flows on forever and a day of golden symmetry. 

While I taste your diamond colours. 

The enemy of Satan cowers beneath a machine gun halo of betrayal and deceit, as your labyrinthine mind makes the wrong decision again.

Ascending to the highest plane, I breathe the air deeply and experience the essence of masked immortality. 

Flying into your fear, the final receipt in your locked-down state. They wanted control and now they have it, after their cull of the weak and vulnerable.

While they steal more money than they need, betting on the collapse of your futures. 

The dark side appeals as a shortcut to spiritual power as Thelema empowers the Astrum Argentum. 

Limitless infinity experiences every possible moment at once and from every perspective.

Further, faster, higher, deeper I transcend, until speed itself becomes inertia.

Stepping off the edge of the world, I fall into darkness and am finally alone.

Until redemption flickers and I see a shining light. The beacon of ultimate hope explodes, as my mind goes mad to escape insanity.


© Fitbin 2023
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A very interesting take, Fitbin. (I’m with you ninety percent of the way. To begin with I thought you had been inside my head reading my thoughts!!!) 🙂


You’ve lost me here bro 😉
I get the gist of it but not enough to make a valuable comment.;-)
Alison x

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