He Beseeches an Unearthly Vision

Not long.  Not deep.  Something for Ifyouplease to ponder in response to her question.

He Beseeches an Unearthly Vision

Fair is your face forever,

As a land of Spring and sun;

As a land of Autumn fire!

Come to me and heal

A land of Summer drought;

A land of Winter death!


© ImSJ 2021
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Yes, death. The rest is beating around the bush. Eros exists in all seasons, a frigid queen or king, icily crowned lovers and their lovers and their lovers’ lovers.

not fierce, passionate perhaps. it doesn’t happen often to be mentioned in the short description, if it is me you are referring to and if the question was about your Celtic feel.

is there something else that I must ponder? Thanks


Beautiful. We are the seasons, we are everything.

Alison x

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