The Forgotten Man

This is a piece I wrote after a long creative absence.



I danced at Bohemian Grove with Molek and Lilith.
Owls were silently watching and weaving spiders out of their webs.
The Cremation of Care, a burning effigy sets Midsummer free.
Presidents and moguls and artists thinning the gossamer veil.
Nimrod fell before Babylon’s gates, as his dream drowned in flowing tears.
Time stopped, a fleeting moment grasped and then it slips through your fingers.
Alone, so alone it cleaves my heart.
The Rosetta Stone is broken, I don’t know what you are saying anymore.
The Sun rises but it is still dark, as I see the faint shadows of dead friends.
Trapped in a broken mirror, I was split into a thousand bleeding shards.
Sacrificing the horizon so that the past can kill the orphaned future.
No-one can remember me, that is my power that lets me do anything.
The Universe is sentient but can’t bear the burden of being aware.
Waking up, I realise God wants me to end the suffering.
I make a final supper of mushrooms and cactus.
Floating like an invisible ghost, through the forgotten Underworld.
He sees me approaching, but then forgets before I push the blade deep inside his soul.
Small revenge for what was taken from me.
The song finally ends, leaving a lonely echo of silence.

© Fitbin 2023
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Dark poem, Fitbin, about the dark world we all have to live in.


Hello Fitbin, Welcome back to Uka. This is a very dark poem but one I understand even if I get the translation wrong. There is a sense of hopelessness, futility. How, I ask myself, once Bohemian Grove has been exposed to the masses…can people carry on as before??? It boggles my brain. Like there is nothing to fear? To understand the darkness that rules this world? I thought once the opening ritual of the Gottard Base tunnel in Switzerland, attended by the elites and posted for all to see would have been the pivotal point in Man’s awakening…but alas, no.… Read more »

If THIS does not scare the beejessus out of you, you are already gone.
Nuff said.

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Yet YT immediately takes videos which question Big Pharma off the system!

One kind of extremism brings out another. With respect to all Christians, there are other positive loving aspects of the Prime Ceator than Jesus Christ.


Engenders very serious and deep discussion, Fitbin. This must have taken you a great deal of endeavour. Excellent.

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