An Eternal Love

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I concentrated,
On her every word –
The blink of her eye,
The turn of her head,
And her hand touching
Her glorious hair.
And every sound she made
Floated joyously
Like tiny white feathers
That never landed –
Never attenuated –
Could never be lost.

She was embedded
Forever in my mind:
Never to be forgotten

But there came a moment
When I turned my head –
I know not why –
And I was consumed
By the mounting pyre.
The spectacle of wood
Stacked purposefully,
My stomach lurched,
I felt the heat and flame.
She called out my name.

I was someone else
She was irradicable.
She was unchangeable.

Save she had passed through the fire.


© griffonner 2023
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actually there are those who believe that burning the dead makes it impossible for them to reincarnate. that the flesh must be consumed by other living organisms (vultures, maggots etc) to complete the cycle and start a new one. who knows if a strong connection such as Love is also one to be repeated eternally without the interference of a pyre (or an atomic bomb)
perhaps I have not understood it well, but I saw a male hoping to be united in (or through or because of) endless reincarnating cycles with the female of his choice.


good heavens! what a story…


I loved this poem when you posted on back page. It is atmospheric and full of original lines.
It speaks to me of timeless love, the kind that survives ages…twin flames.
Congratulations on the nib well earned.
Alison x


La belle dame! Well done! I loved this.

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