Take A Moment, Tired Fool

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Take a moment, tired fool.
The paper’s a white blanket
of God’s own decisiveness,
and you think your pen
has dried of ink by chance!
Some would transpose Universe
replacing ‘ancient’ God…
Think he/she cares a dot?
A name is just a coloured tab
wrapped at the edge of a page
deceiving the colour-blind
Who’s vision is just as valid.
So what if you began to draw
your squiggles line by line
in Xhosa, or Silbo Gomero
Or worse? Then only the Universe
would understand your verse,
read from plain white paper
virgin by determination
and lost to the end of time.


© griffonner 2023
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Great to see you post this one Allen. The title grabs the reader and the poem does not disappoint. The pic is SO perfect too!!!

Ah! the inner anguish of the writer , the endless philosophical questions he wrestles with.
I can relate.
Alison x

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