As the Walrus Said

….the time has come

The time has come to talk of noxious things,
of plastic bags, wrappers, beer cans’ rings,
bottle caps, cigarette butts and other debris
which affects marine life and pollute the sea.

This wanton destruction is a crying shame
and it isn’t difficult to see who is to blame:
inconsiderate people who don’t appreciate
how vital for the ecosystem is a stable state.

They’ll leave rubbish on the golden sand
of beautiful beaches and should be banned.
The trash reaches the bottom of the ocean
where it develops into a poisonous potion.

Submerged plants die and fish gasp for air,
aquatic life hangs on a wing and a prayer.
There is no safe place anywhere, anymore,
not only in the water but also on the shore.

The temperature rises and anxiety is felt
for the polar bears while the icebergs melt.
The human race has also been affected
by climate change since it was detected.

Extreme hot weather and CO2 emissions
are now the cause of unhealthy conditions;
the risk of skin cancer and the anticipation
of increased levels of ultraviolet radiation.

Is the end inevitable? We hope that it’s not
but it is up to of all of us to stop the rot.


© Luigi Pagano 2020

© ionicus 2023
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Wise words indeed, Luigi. He speak truth! …. excellent work.
Thank you for caring.


I agree with Guajiros, Luigi. Wise observations indeed, and very nicely put.
I hope you are feeling chipper.

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