Sea Creatures





In dream analyses
water = the mind, emotions, unconscious



We can dance in the shallows.
Splash and laugh in the small waves.
Dip toes in twinkling, sun-dappled
Luxuriate on warm quartz sand,
holding conch-shell-consciousness.
and white horse fantasy.


It’s when the night comes
and the dark oceans swell.
as the kelp sways
in bottle green under-currents,
moon-controlled and mysterious…
That we plumb the depths
and explore our inner longings
and true passions.

Be brave

Dive deep.

© stormwolf 2023
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Dive deep. Yes. Lovely lines and well thought out conceit. I like this contrast between the day-life and night-life. While we appear awake during the day, cavorting through those shallows 🙂 it doesn’t mean we’re particularly conscious, does it? But when we appear UNconscious, at night, that’s when we can become so much more aware of who we really are. What is going on with us. Through our dreams. I believe this, too. Interestingly enough, I’ve got a poem on hold which is all about water. Or rather what the water ‘stands for’, metaphorically speaking. I’ll have to post it… Read more »

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