A poem.

End of summer

and I come to find

the weather, patiently

it waits, a warming

damp, to wrap itself

around me


Air is sweet

and curves, as

after-words tumble

from the sky


I pick them up one by one 

heartbeat, tender, forever

pocket-sized I take them

on a journey


A meditation in blue –

of sky and sea

our favoured places


And when the wind turns

I will bring you

shells, stones, mandalas

of moth-wings


And you

will take my breath away.

© leila 2022
critique and comments welcome.
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The weather, air and wind: just a perfect and lovely lead-up to your ending lines: And you will take my breath away. and this: shells, stones, mandalas of moth-wings Is just a beautiful cascade of sound and lovely images. For me,there’s double meaning in ‘when the wind turns’ as if your speaker is totally sensitive to the one who will take her breath away, and will wait until their coming together is the right moment for him, too. But maybe that’s not your intention and it’s my imagination working overtime! 🙂 Very skillful write. As reader, I am left in… Read more »

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