The whispers of life.


When the whispers of life come and sit by my side
When the curtains are drawn there is nowhere to hide,
And the things that they tell me mean oh so much more
Like a radio that’s tuned to a song I adore,
For each whisper winds wistfully inside my head
And connects with the songs that I dream in my bed,
Until all of the depths of my dreams are so deep
That my soul is caressed by the memories I keep.

When my daydreams turn into the song of my heart
I look not for an ending, but more for a start
To those wonderful waters that wrap me in gold
That keeps my heart warm even when life is cold,
And when all of my images blend into one
That will speak to my soul even when life is gone,
From one room to another through each open door
From the transience of life to the soul’s evermore.

When cloud manuscripts dry in the breeze and the sun
And when every last trace of existence is spun
There is still something more that I cannot explain
Like a long corridor to a Prayer in the rain,
That seeks only to comfort, to wipe my eyes dry
And eventually to give life one more try,
Whether knelt on the floor or stood up with the trees
I can still hear my Prayer on the whispering breeze…

critique and comments welcome.
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What lovely words and nicely rhymed…Leila


Nicely phrased with good rhythm and rhymes.

P.S. You’ll find that you have to write something in the introduction to override the set sentence.

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Lovely stuff. Anapaestic is my favourite meter. It works very well here, although you could tidy it up a bit in places.

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