Korviaaslax – Chapter Ten

Korviaaslax Chapter Ten – Drop Point *          *         *          *     Kor slept for one point two nine Catarian Standard hours. Post massage and a swim, she heard the petitions from all eight husbands to share the taped music with them. She refused and went to see Pauline.     They usually talked in Kor’s quarters or on route to or

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Korviaaslax – Chapter Six

Chapter Six – Mates *          *         *          *     The launch bay seemed underpopulated with the children, Pauline, and the guards gone. Duty to her new husbands would be offered unrehearsed. Kor hated meeting and orienting new crew.  But these were designated as her mates, sires of her offspring, and All-Commanders each with training on the driver boards of the

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