The Martians Have Landed

Worrying times.


“You look worried. What’s troubling you, Watson?”


“It is the lockdown, Sir.”


“Dammit, man! We are all concerned about it but we have to put up with the inconvenience if we want to get rid of the Covid virus.”


“It is not that, Sir, it’s the traffic light system.”


“What is the problem? It is elementary dear Watson, you don’t need a Sherlock to explain it. You are are an experienced officer and should be au fait with the procedure.”


“I believe that there are certain circumstances where the process is lacking in clarity.”


“Such as?”


“Such as the current situation. A craft full of green passengers has just landed.”


“That’s OK, everyone is welcome.”


“What I mean is; as they are green, should I assume they come from a green zone?”


“Assume nothing, Watson. Do you know which country they are from?”


“They are extraterrestrial, from Mars.”


“Ah, the red planet. It stands to reason that it has to be a red zone. They have to isolate.”


“They have refused and said: Take me to your leader.”


“  We can’t worry the PM. Tell them that if they have been vaccinated they don’t need to quarantine”


© Luigi Pagano 2021

© ionicus 2023
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Gave me a giggle, this one. Mighty fine imagination here, and loved the traffic light idea plus the smile at the end. Terrific.


As ever from you, Luigi. Clever play on words and famous writing. Nicely done and very amusing with a hint of satire too. 🙂


Nice one Luigi, you have a gift for satire, the play on the colour zones was spot on.


I don’t know if you had in mind the recent video “Last Dance” Greece’s song for Eurovision, if you haven’t watched it maybe you should
You have already proven beyond doubt that you are good at writing stories,

well if it’s not Russians, it must be Martians and if it’s not pole shift it is Nibiru

well done!

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