Chapter 21: Howlings

Chapter 21 of the City of Gargoyles. Book 2 of the Light-Father Trilogy. Abbot Pious tortures Brother Ignatius and plans the assault on Milverburg; Abbot Michael takes his first steps towards salvation while Burslen Abbey comes under attack from the new threat and terror sweeping south…  Howlings      “Well, Pious,” Schimrian said, setting aside his glass of brandy. “Forgive

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Chapter 20: Lamentation

Chapter 20 of the City of Gargoyles: Book 2 of the Light-Father Trilogy Nightshade faces her past while the little saboteurs tell of their exploits at the Great Abbey and a strange request from the Abbess and Brother Ignatius…. Lamentations “Give sorrow words; the grief that does not speak knits up the o’er wrought heart and bids it break.” – Shakespeare      Nightshade put

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Chapter 14: Brother Ignatius

Chapter 14 of the City Of Gargoyles: second book of the Light-Father trilogy. The four youngest Scatterling settle into their hide-out under the great Abbey only to find a new and unusual friend … Brother Ignatius       “Thank you, Surl,” Peter said, admiring the neatly wrapped bandage on his stump. “The antiseptic is working already: it’s a little less

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