Chapter 03: The Naked One

Chapter 03 of the City of Gargoyles – Second Book in the Light-Father Trilogy Chapter 03: The Naked One       “Shhh! Children, be quiet!” Abbot Michael warned, peering through a window of the ruined farmhouse. “Tally-men have sharp ears and I should know: I augmented their hearing.”     “Everyone is exhausted,” Surl protested wearily at his side.

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Trying to forget

Trying to forget but mind is independent of thought, of will Believing, seeing, memories forever Memories conceived in realms beyond human reach or touch So much, so much, too much for mortal man and soul Growing old, watching the sun go down on time Bursting embers, red glow, blotting out human existence, being Born of nothingness, incomplete, never real then, a

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