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All for the love of an icecream! Relishing one is sheer bliss.


Cold as frost soft as silk,
Creamy, rich, thick flavoured milk.

Ice cream, kulfi, gelato or sundae,
One can have it every single day.

Be it at home, movie, party or a picnic,
Enfolds all young and old into its magic.

Call it by any name,
They make one happy, just the same.

Delectable, finger licking and lip smacking,
Sends other desserts packing.

Especially in summers it is a boon,
A scoop, in a bowl, cup or a spoon.

Butterscotch, chocolate vanilla and strawberry,
Savoured at leisure without any hurry.

Letting it brush past the lip,
And flirt with tongue tip.

Cat walking on its floor, lingering for long,
Jolting tastebuds out of slumber with its icy song.

Invading the palate by now in a total disarray,
Splurged with burst of flavours by the chilling foray.

As it glissades down the throat, diving and bounding,
Whizzing past gullet and diaphragm before landing.

Icy intruder hugged by stomach, warm and hot,
Unmindful of its tickle with the chilly onslaught.

Each cell in body quivers with icy resonance,
Eyelids close gently at the blissful experience.     


Full of sapid tastes with sensory emotion,  

No longer just a dessert, it’s an ambrosial potion.     





© Gomathi 2023
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I really relished this poem, made my mouth water 🙂 I love ice cream
currently white chocolate Magnums are my number one choice.
Loved the word glissades, that doesn’t come up very often. sue.


What a fun and descriptive ode to ice cream and our enjoyment of it. Now, I have to have some, so I hope you’re happy! lol


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