Intro:  The planet needs to be saved, before it is too late. Trying to be the voice of Mother Earth, ever silent, when ravaged becomes violent. A  need for her voice to be heard and treat her with dignity. If not for us, at least for our children’s sake! 

Rest Of Your Life

Come from soil, go back to earth,

From pot to pitcher in your hearth.

Baked and bricked I give you shelter,

Exposed to nature’s fury, come in throes of a welter.

Hold water for you in my silt and sand,

You leave me littered after picknicking and tanned.

When will you stop treating me like dirt,

Plodded and ploughed, it all does hurt.

Bear and grow for your nourishment,

While you maraude and plunder all my pigment.

For a good crop, I let you assiduously marl,

But if stuck to your shoe, face your curse with a snarl.

Wish you were a little more kind,

A turf like me is hard to find.

You manage to bypass me with a royal ignore,

Only if you knew, you would do it no more.

Even though you have foregone my trust,

Remember me before dreaming of stardust.

A universal truth, known to you best,

It is to my lap you return to, for your final rest.


© Gomathi 2023
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