To take a pause to connect with the self and reflect, is a part of life. 



Be my chisel, keep working on me,

To help me reach, where I want to be.

Chip away all mental blocks,

Let in fresh thoughts round the clock.

Carve my ears sharper and eyes big and bright,

To listen to truth, speak and radiate real light.

Smoothen out creases when I am tense,

Hammer in me some real good sense.

Hone my skills to be meticulous,

Rein me in when you find me frivolous.

Give me a knock when you feel,

That I am going out of zone in a zeal.

Signs of pride, do away by knapping,

Open me up to forgive by tapping.

Do step back once in a while,

Assess for that missing smile.

Harden me with courage by curing,

In fortitude and virtue may I seek mooring.

Sponge away all envy and hatred,

Let my faith and trust be sacred.

Polish me till the scars are done,

Colour me in all hues of wisdom.

We can do this, believe in us and we, 

Be my chisel, sculpt a real me.

© Gomathi 2023
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An earnest and forceful exhortation to oneself to chip away at imperfections in one’s life so that a desirable state of beingness can be achieved.
A well written poem with just a small typo in the first line: chistle should be chisel.
Additionally, I would put a comma after the word ‘truth’ in the sixth line.
All in all a satisfactory piece of writing.
Regards, Luigi x

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