Her Flight

Her dreams soared high like a kite in full flight, Colourful and bright, tail fluttering in delight. Gusts tumbled her, carried her hither, Pulled her thither, swept on in gay abandon.   Winged by wind billowing; now soaring, now diving, Joyously high-fiving, sky and the capricious wind. Doubts made her dance, swoop in an exhilarating twirl, A horizontal pirouette propelling

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Sonata of Solace

                    image: gomathi   When world goes quiet, seeking solace after the day’s clamour,    There arises a silver orb, serenading the sky in glamour Softly showering on the lonely planet, its soothing tender light, Sailing from heaven hailing festive spirit till dawn replaces night. Revealing vault of heaven’s streamers, studded

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