A nomadic life

In cockney, the name Rosie Lee
is rhyming slang for tea
but to me it means much more.
She was a passionate wild gypsy
whom I met on a foreign shore
and who, like an intoxicating liquor,
made me feel inebriated and tipsy.
Her eyes were a deep cobalt blue.
and her hair the colour of ripe corn.
As her scarlet lips searched mine,
I blessed the day that I was born.
We slept in a varicoloured caravan
and had two idyllic romantic weeks,
loving each other with tenderness,
cuddling and kissing her rosy cheeks.
Tickled pink to have found someone
to go back with to my home town
it never occurred to me that Rosie
would be unwilling to settle down.
It was truly a red-letter day
when she accepted to be my wife.
We are happy to be still together
as now I share her nomadic life.



© Luigi Pagano 2022 

© ionicus 2023
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Did she read your tealeaves, Luigi, in the ‘varicoloured caravan’? I think it is only cockney rhyming slang, not a historical person? Gypsy Rose Lee was an Americal stripper I’ve been told… never seen her….. Your usual skilled rhyme, liked the humour, and the picture. No, to keep a sensual, wayward soul, you have to join the travelling folk.
Best, Trevor

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