Crossing Over

consummation of a first-love relation
part of an autobiographical series
pic: my own


At sixteen
and a few more years,
when her sweet scent eased imposing glow,
and entwined fingers pulled in acquiescence,
there occurred that watershed moment
 absorbing wick, destined to saturate,
laid claim to Life’s precious nectar, and

the taut brain, unable to exit,
fused it onwards and inwards,
banishing forever the slow atrophy
of archaic innocence.

As natural
as the years were mature,
in a green hollow in an ancient wood,
two crossed that signposted Rubicon, from
callow and insular to profoundly empathic
leaving all kindred embrace in their wake,
and, though fated to go separate ways,
from that noble moment on,
found beauty, joy, sadness, and pain
in the passion and perfection
of a bird song.

(Inspirational sources:
Stanza 1 – Freud’s nebulous paper ‘Beyond The Pleasure Principle’ (1920). Attempting to explain the mechanism behind ‘the compulsion to repeat’,  the paper led on to hint at an even more profound postulation about the orgasmic function with regard to the regular maintenance of psychical health, but which, unfortunately, was not pursued further in later work. Much was lost in translation.
Stanza 2: A famous conductor/composer once said ‘to appreciate culture and the arts fully, one must have experienced intensive, requited and consummated, passionate erotic love’, and presumably more so if ending in painful failure.)

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The natural inclination of two passionate adolescents crossing the metaphorical Rubicon draws no inspiration from old Sigmund’s interpretations.

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