A Late Enlightenment

changed my understanding of  bitter-sweet memories.
A Non-Fiction write. Pic: my own


As life becomes gradually immersed
 the benign ambience of Autumn
distant carnality will, even then
ambush the mind, plague long-
suffering senses!

By exiting through eroticism
lustful adolescent betrayals
leave no accountable trace
supremely self-enhancing
they serve no other useful
As encapsulated exaltations
they metamorphose instead
into prototypes of excellence
establishing prerequisites for
commitment, rarely attainable
in reality
The exalted self-enhancement
remains inventive and visionary
creating mostly time-wasting
daydreamed dramas too fabulous
too larger-than-life to ever achieve

For victims unwittingly violated
in premature romantic episodes
by real people able to be truly loved
the fixation of a superlative ideal
are keywords

(Written after watching the American drama series ‘A Teacher’,
currently on the BBC iPlayer)



© Gothicman 2023
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