So I Hit Him

Biographical, Grandad came home from the Somme battered and broken, became a drunkard and bare knuckle champion of our town, he hit his sons and wife, his son hit me… it’s what I learned, I lived like that until I discovered literature and war. That may sound strange.. “war”? But war teaches lessons for living for some and bastardly for others. There were few discussions sometimes that didn’t end with “So I hit him”. Nature and nurture.


## Autobiography
# So I Hit Him

“So I hit him”!
For the family.
Dad hits lad,
Lad hits anyone.
Say the wrong word,
Go on I fucking dare you!
What did you say?
So I fucking hit him!
Enjoying a party.
Getting pissed.
“What did you fucking say”?
So I hit him,
Kicked him.
Punched his head!
Punched their heads!
Oh yes it was
An upbringing.
Nurtured to punch.
Pains nowt!
Hit him again, and again.
Bathe in blood,
Just win.
What did you say?
Fucking hit him!
Don’t show fear.
Just hit him.
Punch him.
Kick him.
Just win.

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