For Simon.

This was my first ever post to UKA back in October 2003. 

for Simon.


I miss you in the morning,
When I wake up in my bed.
an image of your cheeky smile,
appears inside my head.

I miss you in the afternoon,
whilst I go about my day.
memories of you cheer me up,
even when the day is grey.

I miss you in the evening,
when I sit and watch TV.
I hear your laughter in my head,
and wish you were sat with me.

I miss you in the night-time,
When I lay and cannot sleep.
Sometimes I lie in the darkness,
and thoughts of you make me weep.

But no matter how much I miss you,
In my heart I’ll always know.
My life is richer for knowing you,
I’m just sad you had to go.

God Bless you Simon.


© jay12 2023
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This eulogy will always carry the freshness of sentiment, being written from the heart, Jay, always serve it’s personal purpose. Thanks for posting! (Typo: ‘here’ should be ‘hear’).
Best, Trevor

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