Culture or no culture?


We can’t do without it.
It’s what keeps humanity up,
shows the way and gives some meaning to existence,
while all else really isn’t worth much,
materialism, capitalism, politics,
that mainly causes trouble,
while culture is the only thing lifting us
above the animal state and barbarism.
The only hope for humanity
is therefore to be led by culture
and not by egoism and materialist ambitions,
money and power, prestige and vanity.
How is culture then to be defined?
It’s spiritual constructive cultivation.
It’s not just libraries and all the fine arts
but also involves such different fields of activity
as environmental care and gardening,
tolerance and kindness;
and it’s the obligation of the mundane world and politics
to support and follow that idealism,
or else they betray humanity
and are no better than Hermann Goering, when he said:
“When I hear the word ‘culture’ I trigger my revolver.”


© aurelio 2023
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