The law of the world

The laws of the lands
violating since donkey’s

the law of the world;
the destruction hides
without shame
behind the horrendous
blame game;

safeguarding the world
should now wittingly stand
front and center;
not blunder with a
delinquent banter,
an insipid gesture
as it were, to overpower
the neighbor;

no, as ‘neighbor’
is but a word,
it cannot be paged,
nor read, without
the flawless world;

all the countries, not
a handful of a kind,
should unite and band
to put at the helm
the law of the world
hitherto undiscussed,

above all the selfish
laws of the lands;

none should exercise the
right to impair the soul
of the soil, to pollute 
the air, the pristine water, 
flora and fauna, 
the goods of the star
molested by the nincompoops,
the flibbertigibbet, the fools, 
to be tutored in a holistic, 
a well-founded school, 
notwithstanding their coo;

to not dismantle any
construction that hurts
the earth so forgiving, cool,
to be delivered as the 
sole ground rule. 

© supratik 2023
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