just forget it

those who do not see
where they went
so terribly wrong,
how on earth will they,
they had never bent,
always sold their wrongs
as the solitary right as
they reaped, marched along,

protected their stance
with all their might,
shown how they’re united,
strong, the delinquents,
the real cause of all the
wars will forever be defiant,
blame Tolstoy, Hori, and Rumi;
albeit their measures
o those terrible
white elephants
lost in the overdose
of blowing their trumpets,
their verbose rants

they will never be
an inch away from
their painful position
so naively staunch;
we might talk about
a shift a myriad times,
new humane methods
we may launch, but the
change in the standoffish
language they blabber
will never ever unchain
to let an alternative way
come into fruition 

© supratik 2023
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