The lost Jew


I thought I had a country,
finally, after twenty centuries of loss,
but it has betrayed me,
it has turned me out,
the Jew that thought justice was possible,
the Jew that thought his Jewry could be an honour,
the Jew who thought God actually was serious
when he said ‘Thou shalt not kill’,
the Jew who thought his exile in eternity
was finally at an end when he was welcomed home
into a land that built new Berlin walls
and where his foremost duty was to go to war
to kill civilians blindly without differentiation
as their Big Brother America had taught them to do.
My country is lost, and my people is lost,
again, as we always used to be,
cast out in a meaningless world
that always was governed and pushed by folly
and therefore went hopelessly astray from the start,
as if one ever could believe in anything.


© aurelio 2023
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