The Anti-Exhibitionist


Not that he is hiding,
but he is no real sandwich man
and therefore doesn’t like parading
neither in his nakedness nor his extravagance in fashion,
in neither his deserts nor foibles,
neither in his dirty shoes nor with his purple nose,
in neither his pathetic deplorability nor his excellence,
his morbid fantasies or secret vices,
his tics or manners, crooked ways or lusts,
his insatiable desires or his secret love affairs,
his grotesqueness or abominations,
his preposterousness or indulgences,
his cleverness or lack of, or his awkwardness,
his constant being at a loss and silliness,
his undesirability and uncouthness,
his impertinence and importunity,
nor his ability or disability, –
since he is the anti-exhibitionist
who only can enjoy such manners and exhibits
in the weaknesses of others.


© aurelio 2023
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