Blackbird Nights.


The Blackbird sings

as shades of night now

cross the shadows 

of the day.

Fallen notes to drift away

on summer’s soft perfume.

And memories once more shall

haunt the

stillness of the night.

© sweetwater 2023
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Last edited 11 months ago by royrodel

I liked the fact you used the word ‘cross’ – sings is almost wings – singing is almost flying. Singing and laughing are extremely important if you want to release negative energy and stale air from your being and your lungs and I wonder if Nature through this singing is always trying to show us how simple and easy to comprehend life is without ‘stale air’ and counteractive memories.

this is a really explanatory video of a doctor on youtube which you may like and which I’ve recently found.
enjoy! he seems a nice gentleman.

oops maybe release is not the correct verb, I wanted to say get rid of. sorry I rarely express myself in English for almost a year and again my English got rusty. do watch the video it may help you.

help you understand what I’m saying about ‘stale air’ and ‘singing’ yes and you said you hadn’t thought etc this video explains what is stale air what singing does to your body and this is natural.
ps, the video helped me understand more and it may help you too!

Last edited 11 months ago by ifyouplease

no problem, take care

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