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Last edited 11 months ago by royrodel


Last edited 11 months ago by royrodel

Just a nudge to Roy – the submission comments sections aren’t to be used as platforms for opinions on non-related matters.
Thank you.
Sorry for the pollution, sweetwater.


Woah , looks like I’m in the wrong town at the wrong time and deffo with the wrong kind of people . There will be no more ‘ pollution’ from me . Talk about ‘pearl to swine’.


apophaticism can help one decide if what others see is correct or not and create the basis of self-awareness. “no I am not what he or she says/say” then ad hoc you have the proof you know better or begin to know and if you know something as important as the qualties of your identity or the identity you want, it means you have one or are in the process of discovery and if you have one or are about to discover who you are, then you’re real just misuderstood or understood. so some sort of apophatic self-evaluation can be… Read more »

In my opinion, no we cannot be more than one person but there are many people that are not introspective enough to see clearly others, so the vast majority’s misconceptions and misunderstandings should only be taken into consideration as apophatic self-evaluation and nothing else. the danger of remaining focused on other people’s validation of our existence and its characteristics is psychosis and borderline schizophrenia.

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