(This Life) Part 7: Resilience

the miracle of life’s singularity


              The sudden storm shatters the fencing,

Howling leaves the garden ravaged,

The revenant Mimosa uprooted –

Pixels, re-formed from frosted roots,

Fed seven saplings replacing the one –

Heard Jim shout, “Your tree’s coming down”;

With stilled heart watched its rending fall


In that singular moment its leaves

Curve through time – spent and un,

Airless, unlit noumenons –

Draw me into their unbeing

And I witness the startling

Resurrections of beasts and plants,

The crossings from IS to WAS to IS,

Exhausted hymns of the apple tree,

Once perfect seeds imperfected

Beneath the onslaught of each day,

Frames bent, memories dust decayed –

Fall all must, flesh, supple once, rust,

Waiting for that day when breathless,

Boxed we commingle with the dust –

Yet within these trembling leaves I sense

an unquenchable desire to be,

be linked to life’s singularity.


I cut level with the Earth, trim,

Daily water, feed fish and blood,  

And, moons passing, amazed I watch

As springs another stem, greener,

Elastic rising past the dead skin of its past,

A miracle of resilience.

© Bhi 2023
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My kind of religion .

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