The Boxer

I’m a champion boxer

I’m the king of the ring

I don’t fear my opponent

I don’t fear anything


I hear the bell sound

At the start of the fight

And I know I shall win

By the end of the night


My challenger starts fast

And goes on the attack

But I smile through my gum shield

As I start hitting back


It’s too easy for me

And my eyes scan the crowd

And I hear people screaming

my name out so loud


We go several rounds

Then I turn up the heat

And I know when I do

Any man will get beat


But he still comes out fighting

And he now feels so much pain

But his pride has been hurt

And it drives him insane


I punish him more

As I rain down the blows

That  now take their toll

Til his blood gently flows


As we’re nearing the end

He falls against the white ropes

He’s losing his strength

Along with his hopes


And now it’s all over

We all know it’s right

That an end has been called

To this one sided fight


And then I thank God for  

HIS power and love

As my seconds remove

My tightly laced glove


A shower, a moment

To reflect on the fight

And again I thank God

That I am alright


Then home to my children

Who are tucked up in bed

So can’t see the bruising

That now shows on my head


This month it’s just rest

And then gym as I train

And prepare once more to fight

Again, then again


Yes, I’m a champion boxer

And the king of the ring

But one day I know

I will lose everything.

© marvo 2023
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