inspired by a poem by Jarl Hemmer of Finland

The sunshine sea of calmness
mirroring the morning sky
embalms me as I rise
ascending on the rocks
embracing this resplendent morning,
diving deep into the universe
and bathing in the billow blues my thoughts
where I just want to swim along
into the whiteness of the shining clouds
where heaven and the sea together meet and blend,
while the seducing waves keep whispering
enchantingly into my ears
encouraging me never to look back
but keep on swimming in the bursting mirror
fleeting all around me in the lightning broken sparkles;
and I dare not ask how long I may keep going
or how deep the fathoms under me may stretch
nor how long the light may last way up there in the sky
but just keep swimming on forever forward
into those white blinding clouds
where water meets the sky to blend,
both mirroring each other to unite
in ripples that will sparkle on forever; –
and thus we go on swimming in the broken mirrors of our lives.


© aurelio 2023
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