The Circus

The travelling circus has left town

And left this sad old clown behind

Everyone says it’s time to go home

But I have only just got here

So please give me just one more beer

And I promise to then disappear


Y’know there’s always a small group of clowns

That gather on the edge of each town’s corners

When it’s late and the start of a new day


Each day feels just the same as the last

Same film, same script and same cast

You can’t live this life in reverse

And we all end up dead in the back of a hearse

I told her that I had a dream, but it seems

That we all have our own individual dreams


The audience has now gone

It seems like nobody stays

Maybe if I try really hard

I could get through a few more days

For the circus has left this town

And left this sad old clown behind

With you on my mind

I look to the stars and start singing

But nobody understands what I say

My future’s not blinding

And I don’t need reminding

Nothing ever lasts around here

No I don’t know which way I should turn

Guess I’ll wait for the circus, to one day return

© marvo 2023
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The circus maybe stands for a brief diversion from the mundane world, weighted down with so much misery. Many lonely forgotten people enduring one day to the next. The circus is make believe, colours, noise, excitement then when it’s over they pack up sometimes leaving people more desolate than before.
I sense a lot of depression or maybe the inference of the transience of diversion from the gloom.
Enjoyed it.
Alison x

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