Hidden Treasure

One from my archives brought up to date to bring in the latest loss. Hopefully recitation will follow later once I get it working.


I still hold a trace, 
of every animal who shared my path
 every man who graced my bed
and brought me understanding. 
Every night of hell
in my giving spirit.

The shadow side of every blessing
is the pain and grief
of loss.

I never quite found
The missing piece…

The relic of Saints
The Holy Grail…

I only saw raw soul
and the hidden beauty

in suffering.




© stormwolf 2023
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Vey touching, Alison, and beautifully phrased.Looking forward to the recording.
Luigi xx


A wonderful piece Alison. Each line a tug at the heart, many feel the same but could never express it so beautifully. And of course you had me with the first two lines.


I am impressed with the positive outlook in this. Suffering is real but getting something from it has to be the goal.

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