Tempest Tossed

Faith in tribulation.

Inside those half-dreaming lids
where man attempts to find some kinship
and wakes, eyes wide!
There lies a common thread that binds us all together
and will never be broken.

Though trials and circumstance afflict us sorely,
Still is the Captain in command.
I lie, a storm-cursed sailor
tired of dreams…
But waiting in the guts of me
to see dry land.

© stormwolf 2023
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I like your poem, explaining in a few words the torments of a soul. No wonder in these dark times, one has to have hope, the captain must not give up despite the raging storms around him.
I can strongly “feel” your poem, which means, it has an impact and expresses so much of sentiments everybody is experiencing.We are all united.
Thank you for sharing!

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