Billy The Superstar

My friend Billy works in research
At least that’s what he says
Sometimes you can’t believe a word
That Billy says these days
He says he works on rockets
That blast off into space
Says he wants to stow away in one
To get out of this place

At the bar he gathers people round
They all listen as he tells
Of his travels out in outer space
His story never fails
Well I’ve seen him laugh and seen him cry
When he thinks no one’s around
Face twisted and contorted
But he never made a sound

One day he announced it was ‘ time to go ‘
He no longer fits this place
And he knew that, when he took the job
Of research into space
My TV said that NASA launched a probe
To search for life on Mars
But they feared someone had hid onboard
Of the capsule in the stars

Well Billy ain’t been seen for days
And his friends are asking why
But me, I just smile to myself
As I look towards the sky
If that is you dear Billy
I hope you make it really far
And you light the night sky up above
Billy the superstar

© marvo 2023
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A sad but poignant poem. I don’t blame him for wanting to escape from this world.
There is humour and pathos and ends with mental imagery.
nice to read

Alison x

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