Back to Square One

Afghanistan: Taliban tell working women to stay at home  A comment.

Working women in Afghanistan
must stay at home, say the Taliban
to ensure their safety, not for leisure;
but it is only a temporary measure.

A spokesman made this comment:
we act on the spur of the moment
but the situation is bound to improve;
it’s up to us to make the next move.

Our security men are not yet ready
to know how to treat a young lady;
they need to train and go to rehab
so keep wearing the burka or hijab.

Women are our national treasure,
to offend them incurs our displeasure.
Their roles have not yet been defined
because the system must be refined.

We had to stop them going to school,
if we let them, they may want to rule.
It is a man’s job and we let them know
that they have to accept the status quo.

Things do change yet remain the same:
we show a new face but keep the name.
Nevertheless, when all is said and done,
we shall want to go back to square one.


© Luigi Pagano 2021


© ionicus 2023
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Sadly this is true to life. Mediaeval mindsets and ignorance are a recipe for disaster. Theocracies never work and never will.

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