Don’t Stop Thinking About Paris

Another re-write. Daughter came up with the title that inspired the poem when she was in middle school. 

The blackjack dealer frowns;

casino goons bum-rush you out the door

’cause you beat the house. Don’t’ stop thinking about Paris.

All the photos on Facebook de-friend you,

your account is purged, keep the City of Light deep in your heart.

Pears Belle Helene, and orange souffle so light and delicious, the perfect desserts.

Even when you’re choking on another cheeseburger, don’t stop thinking about Paris.

Sublime light illuminating the Louvre to cave paintings vital, alive as they were thousands

of generations ago. Don’t stop thinking about Paris.

If you’re disparaged, defrauded, and denuded–don’t stop thinking about Paris.

The ghosts in the cafe look just like Monet sitting

next to Debussy across from Valery glowing like the absinthe in their glasses. Don’t-stop-

thinking-about-Paris. Even if you never get there in this life,

don’t.      stop.       thinking.         about.             Paris.

© ChairmanWow 2023
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What a wonderful poem. I must agree with you – I can never have enough of Paris and its constantly in my thoughts.


Loved the poem. (People in these parts would however wish Paris and the Parisians would stay well away! Vive la Nouvelle-Aquitaine!)

In a way that keeps Paris in their minds … so you are right I suppose! *Spits*




Allen ou Alain? 🙂


No, definitely Allen – all the fault of my Father at registration (according to my Mother). It was supposed to be Alan (after Alan Ladd) but I’ve never minded. (That little story gives away my age, doesn’t it!)

You clearly understand the necessity of my spelling it letter by letter whenever required over here! 🙂


Great Poem. Great City. If one has never been keep think. If one has been there, one will never forget and can’t stop thinking about going again. Well earned, ‘le Pick’ 🙂

I saw Paris as some sort of Ithaca here. Loved the layout and the repetition.


Great poem CW. I keep thinking of ‘The ballad of Lucey Jordan’, and as Humph put it – “we’ll always have Paris’.

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