Between the orbs of day and night,
Between the sighs and muffled moans,
While my fingers caress your hair,
And all of life and death is there;
While passions fly with sweet delight
And all my thoughts are born by you
In places precious to our touch –
Demanding we are joined, my Dear –
Then am I swept to brilliant gold,
Where fields and trees have perfect hue,
And sky is coloured by your eyes:
Why even birds their wings unfold
And sing joyous about we two.
For every thing is perfect there
In a time to simply, just behold;
In that moment you and I create
Between the flesh and spirit state
Where comes the moment I beget
To bring that brief, divine escape,
Besought to never end…. And yet…



© griffonner 2023
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This moved me as a spontaneous expression of love – simply, yet profoundly wrought; and for all the ‘complicated’ poets that try, it is this that speaks.

Blessings and love Allen



And yet the yearning, the desire must end..

I, too like Dougie was, moved by the depth and the absoluteness of the expression of love. A beautiful rendering of the spirit, Allen. You have a skill to plug into the spiritual which is unique.

Last edited 1 year ago by Bhi

Allen, I believe in a universal consciousness to which we are connected. If you think about how humanity advances and makes new discoveries; the first time is the hardest and subsequently the same piece of new knowledge/insight springs up in different places as if the pathway has been opened and everyone can now plug into it. A fascinating series of experiments were done in the 60’s and 70’s and there is a book called the Tao of Physics which looks at this phenomenon and others in detail. The greatest drivers are the desire for the new and the openness to… Read more »

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