No Cream in the Carbonara

Is pineapple an acceptable pizza topping? And do you put cream in the carbonara?

I am training to become a Cordon Bleu,
for whom there’s always much demand.
yet one must be good and can provide
tons of food for an insatiable gourmand.

Every day we are faced with problematic
challenges with which we have to grapple.
We have to determine if the pizza topping
is inappropriate with chips or pineapple.

When we cook spaghetti A la carbonara
there’s an ingredient we wouldn’t dream
adding to cheese, pepper, bacon and egg
and that is a helping of delicious cream.

Anyone can be a top chef like Escoffier,
a housewife or a duchess, wearing a tiara
with green emeralds and violet sapphires;
red lipstick and, on the eyelashes, mascara.

But we must be skilled and must follow
the right etiquette and proper protocol;
and when we flambé the crepes Suzette
we have to use brandy, no pure alcohol.

I don’t know yet if I am ready and able
to embark on this kind of onerous life;
perhaps it might be better if I gave up
and hand over the reins to my wife.

© Luigi Pagano 2021










© ionicus 2023
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I really enjoyed this, opened my eyes to the complexities of recipies, as someone for whom food is no more than a necessity, it amazes me
all the trouble a chef goes to preparing a meal that goes the same was as a salad sandwich. 🙂 sue.

No, I didn’t ask why they make such elaborate dishes, I said it amazes me, they take so much trouble to make tasty and inspirational meals for others to enjoy, rather than make a basic sandwich which would also satisfy hunger. I applaud them.
But as you say, a poem however basic can give a similar sense of achievement and creativity to the writer.
I throughly enjoyed the deliciousness of your poem, and it made me wish I was more of a foodie, 🙂


I taste a pick!


Pineapple on a Pizza! Sei pazzoa?!! And the great Spaghetti Bolognaise controversy! I use 50/50 pork and beef, with lardons added, and of course some milk, but others consider that to be sacrilege. With Carbonara I follow my own version, using dark mushrooms (garlic added) and I cheat by adding mascarpone (ouch!). And I have to have a green salad and fresh crusty bread, and a good white wine (red of course for the spag bog) OMG, I’m getting hungry……..better go!
Another nice one Luigi


Very interesting, and yes, I prefer tagliatelle with a meat sauce, as I mention above, but it does seem that the good folk of Bologna do have a Spaghetti Bolognaise, but with tuna as I found below: The Authentic Spaghetti Bolognese Recipe Is Unexpected – La Cucina Italiana But when it comes to food, I go for what tastes good; as I now have to decide. Having prepared my sliced aubergines and having my home made vegetable sauce ready, I find that the maid forgot to order the mozzarella! And I haven’t enough parmesan accept for topping – so (gives… Read more »


Well, I pulled myself together; and, ok, no mozzarella, but I did have a tub of mascarpone; so I infused that with basil (which we grow) and it sort of worked; but I shall say three mea culpa’s to atone.

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