If I Was A Rabbit

My ears twitched, and for a moment I thought I might be a rabbit, but no such luck – it was on account of an echo. An echo that bounced and tunnelled into my head and dilated my pupils with its urgency.

“RUN!”, it said.

… and said again.

… and again.

But I just sat, and stared, at the light that burnt and told me to blink.

If I was a rabbit that is exactly what I would do.

But, I was not so lucky, and instead raised my glass, and said, “To the bride and groom”.


© pombal 2023
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Welcome back, Pombal. Nice to meet you.


Ah! I think – and I might be off-beam here; that this is the best man, about to deliver his speech? Whatever it is, it has intrigued me; nice one Pombal.

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