Factory Reset






Through the blue haze,
With eyes squinting,
Quite softly she asked
‘So you finally came?’
What was I to say?
I was here beside her
After what had seemed
An eternal search.
I decided to be silent –
Her question rhetorical.
I lay there prostrate
And felt her touch my head.
I was suddenly consumed
With unconditional love.


© griffonner 2023
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Ah! Allen, this need time to sink in and reveal its meaning; either that or I’m a thicko! Quite apart from that it has a nice rhythm; um….I’m already thinking, is there is some AI in there!



Of course! How could I have missed that? Once you provide the clue it reveals itself; and I plead extenuating circumstances – which I have explained elsewhere.

And I wouldn’t say you are out of step – just the usual dumb silence!


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