The Place That I Desire


I deem that I have wandered far

too long upon this way –

so many stones beneath my feet

and thorns whereon I lay.


With countless twists and turns revealed,

each one so hard to know –

it seems unclear to comprehend

the better way to go.


So everywhere I look for signs

to take me through this maze

of tangled dreams and hopes unmet

that lead to brighter days.


Perhaps inscribed on every stone

or hidden in the mire

I’ll find the runes that guide me to

the place that I desire.

© valdohren 2023
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So happy to be reading your inspiring words once again. Sue.


Thank you for sharing. An inspiring poem. I have discovered through my life’s journey that that “the place that I desire” is where the heart is most at peace.


Thoroughly enjoyed. A very skillfully wrought poem, with the rhythm and the rhymes flowing smoothly and easily showing your mastery of the medium.


Even if you have not contributed for a long time you haven’t lost your flair, rhymed poetry is something in which you excel. This is no exception.


Ah! having just commented on your earlier piece Val, this bears out what I felt about how you use rhyme to great effect. And I’m with you on rhyming in ones head – I have that too!
So yes, another delightful poem.


And to misquote the great bard Spike:
‘I must go down to the sea again,
to the lonely sea and the sky;
I left my vest and socks there
I wonder if they’re dry?’

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