To Poetry

A tentative return !


To Poetry


I left you alone in the shadows

Silenced your voice in my head

You were the words that unburdened my soul

And so much remains that`s unsaid


Such beautiful, beautiful music

Are you now lost to the night

Are you forever erased from my heart

Oh will you not heed to my plight


Once more may your sweet voice beguile me

Light up my soul with your fire

Speak yet again sweet words of enchantment

So come now, my heart to inspire

© valdohren 2023
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Oh I love this, it speaks of my own pleas for the joy of poetic words to
favour me once more. Beautifully expressed. Sue.


I love your writing and have missed being able to read it. So pleased you have returned. Xx sue.


I liked this, the alternative line rhyme – can’t remember the technical term! Anyway, a most happy return – thanks valdohren.

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