Killing Time (and other Animals)

Reflections of lockdown

Sales of masks

and fishing licenses 

go through the roof.

Overgrown tow paths

and riverside walks–

domain of dog walkers

and work-bound cyclists–

lined with statues

hunched over poles,  

jiggling them in hope

at the slightest bob

of iridescent cork

and expanding circles.

© Guaj 2023
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I dislike the title and find the first three lines not connected well enough with the rest of the poem. A promising poem


I’m reading ‘other animals’ as the fish – though shouldn’t they be released again? That apart an interesting poem; thanks Guaj.



I wonder, Guaj, what women would do to get away from their husbands! I suspect, rather than seeking solitude, they prefer the company of other women over a cup of this or that. An artful write.

I once saw a woman much older maybe in her sixties, she was rich it was obvious, she was escorted by a young man very handsome very stylish, a gigolo I thought, maybe she was trying to get away from other women after getting away from a boring husband.


both but it was none of my business, they were both using each other the woman less successfully

Husbands become boring when the women decide, and then they let them out to fish so they themselves can do a little fishing , and they are very careful; once tasted they throw them back whole just in case they want another nibble later on!


I still laugh when I see them try to cast! Fishermen and cyclists; an exponential growth. And I must say that most of the cyclists I see are not carrying rods, and most of the fishermen do not seem to have travelled by bike; two completely distinct hobbies.

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